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If your total budget is less than GBP 1500 / USD 3000.

Although we do not require any minimum quantity, we do have a GBP 100 / USD 200 surcharge for orders that are less than GBP 1500 / USD 3000. You also need to consider that because our shipments are sent by ocean vessel, they will need to be unloaded, cleared through customs, and transported to the final destination.

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Buy without the need to import!

We support some of the best rosette manufacturers in many countries and cities around the world with raw materials, rosette components, and volume orders of finished products.

As they are manufacturers they can supply you with products made by them selves in your country at excellent prices or utilize our production capacity in the case of large orders or orders that are particularly price sensitive.

They can also offer you payment methods that are suitable for national business within your country and handle all importing requirements.

We would be very happy to introduce you to these fine local manufacturers to facilitate ease of purchase.

Contact us using the quick email form below and we will help you to locate a professional Direct Maker in your area.

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